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Ruben Scott
Nov 30, 2021
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BE PART OF THIS ONE DAY PROJECT!: Email me: Call me: +1 (672) 999 7094 We are shooting a music video for the song 'I Won't Stay' written and performed by Mason Scott. We are renting a studio in Gastown, Vancouver for one day, along with equipment and set dec. The music video is about Escapism, supporting the theme of Mason Scott's album 'ESCAPE'. Crafty with be provided along with good spirits! Whether you're looking to have a big role or a smaller role we value your work. If you'd like more information, reach out and I will get back to you as soon as I can (normally quickly). If you'd like more information on me, take a look at my profile or website: Here is a list of the roles available: (Some are yet to be updated) Here are some photographs that fit the theme of the music video! Take a look :
I WON'T STAY - MUSIC VIDEO - JAN 5th 2022 content media
Ruben Scott
Nov 14, 2021
In Start Now
Want to be part of this project? Email me: Call me: +1 (672) 999 7094 Every day we pass homeless people. Each has a story. Christopher is there because he can’t find Vanessa. A music video for an original song called ‘Moonlight’ performed by Mason Scott. LOGLINE: Homeless Christopher waits in the moonlight. Ten days ago it was all so different. He was a regular guy when he met Vanessa. Now, he has one last thing to say to her. Genre: Romance Drama Tone: The contrast of before and after Before: the tones of love & hope - light, pastels, white teeth, sky-blue suits. After: the tones of despair - deep blues, cold greys, harsh neon and hard light. The video will be stylized to be surreal. The Song We'll Use : THE TEAM SO FAR:
Music Video - Moonlight - March 4th - 6th 2022 content media
Ruben Scott

Ruben Scott

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